Our SeriouslyRAD® framework

We've spent years designing and creating systems for businesses to solve their problems; systems that have been depended upon for over a decade.

SeriouslyRAD® Framework

Using our experience we've built the SeriouslyRAD® framework allowing us to spend most of our time with customers focussing on their problems and less time developing bespoke systems.

With our framework, we have best practice and a robust feature set at our fingertips, enabling us to deliver systems faster, and maintain them easier. Our framework has allowed us to deliver business and customer facing applications across a range of platforms including web, mobile and desktop.

Key features

Modern, extensible, scalable architecture

We've developed a system architecture based on established modern software technologies which affords easy extension, maintainability and scalability.

This ensures systems built on the framework are always up to date with the latest features and technologies, preventing technical debt and safe guarding longevity.

We're constantly working on new features within the framework; features that are made available to all systems built upon it.

Our framework provides a scalable solution supporting high availability clustering and multi-homed hosting, both on premise and in the cloud, so you can be sure that your system will be there for you when you need it.


We've built our framework from the ground up with security in mind. Any system built using our framework automatically comes with the benefits of that approach.

With highly granular user access control, auditing, concurrency protection, validation and business rules we can make sure the data your users are entering into your system meets your high quality standards. Multiple tiers of encryption can be implemented to protect your data while in transit and at rest.

All of these features can help your business meet its compliance needs.

Consistent user interfaces

Our framework provides a consistent, intuitive and user-friendly interface across all platforms. Users will feel right at home in any part of a system built using our UI components on whichever device they are using.

By using clean lines and being data focussed we combine style and substance to provide you with professional interfaces which your users will find easy to understand and navigate.

System messages relating to validation and business rules are clearly communicated to the users ensuring these can be resolved quickly and effectively.

Business processes management

Using our BPMN 2.0 compliant process designer, users can quickly design and model business processes and workflows, which connect all of the features of our framework together with your other systems and your users.

Once processes have been created, users can make them available by versioning, publishing and activating them. The framework will automatically trigger these processes as a result of system events or on demand as dictated by their design.

Use our process tools to monitor and optimise processes by discovering critical activities, bottlenecks and opportunities for cost savings.

File management

Our framework provides file management functionality allowing users to upload and manage files against each area of the system; right down to individual data records.

Versioning out of the box ensures that a historical record of changes to your files is always available.

Granular access controls allow you to manage who can access which files. Files can also be encrypted, adding an additional level of protection.

Document generation

Within systems built upon our framework, documents can be generated with ease on a scheduled basis, automated within processes, or on demand.

Data from anywhere in the system can be merged with templates to provide rich documents for use both in and outside your business. Documents can be generated as a Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF document for added flexibility.

Extending the available templates is achieved by simply creating and uploading standard Microsoft Word Document Templates; no software development required.


We provide feature rich reporting mechanisms to allow users to get the information they need to perform their tasks and make better decisions.

Generated reports are available as visually appealing, print ready reports in Adobe® PDF format or advanced spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel.

All reports can be run on a scheduled basis, as part of a process, or on demand and can be optionally emailed to the appropriate people.


Using our job engine, you can trigger jobs on a schedule, in response to business rules and events, or on demand.

Jobs are executed in a resilient, persistent and distributed manner ensuring that your data is always processed reliably.

From triggering regular email notifications to automating the import of data from other systems, our job engine can provide this seamlessly.

Putting it together

Having all these great features allows us to easily tailor a system to fit your requirements.

We combine the components you need, then work with you to add in your data model, business rules and build any custom functionality you require.

We can help you build new processes and workflows or add any existing processes to the system to help deliver real benefits to your business in efficiency, consistency and visibility.

You and your customers can access your system using any combination of web, mobile and desktop devices. Our framework provides the flexibility needed to work seamlessly across multiple platforms.

Growing with your needs

A system shouldn't stand still while your business is moving forwards.

This is especially true in our age of fast moving legislation and rapidly evolving customer expectations.

Our framework makes it easy to make changes to your system to allow you to work with new types of data, or by increasing your level of automation and integration, there's no need to go back to the drawing board.

A system built with our framework can grow with you, scaling and evolving as your business develops, constantly moving forward in response to your business and technological needs.

Protecting what's important

Systems you can rely on to empower your business.

Using the SeriouslyRAD® framework ensures you have a system which is feature rich, elegantly architected, meticulously coded, thoroughly tested, lovingly maintained and built with the security of your data in mind; a system you can depend on.

Respect for our craft and our clients

It's taken us decades of experience to build our skills, so we don't treat people like idiots when they don't know everything