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Fit Bears - Rangers Charity Foundation

After the success of Red Devils Fit, we were asked to create an updated version of the FanFit app for FanFit's new partner - Rangers Charity Foundation. We rebranded the SeriouslyRAD® framework version of the FanFit app, implementing new features and improvements to create the Android and iOS app - Fit Bears.

Released in November 2019, Fit Bears gained over 3,500 users within the first 48 hours of launch.

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Research study system

We developed an end to end solution to help conduct a research study using our SeriouslyRAD® framework. The solution included a web portal, Android and iOS apps, and a web-based administration system.

The study collected data during a 13 month period from over 700 participants, capturing more than 38,000 individual surveys. Over 90% of the surveys were submitted via the Android or iOS apps.

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Tenet Group Limited

Interactive data integration

Using our SeriouslyRAD® framework we developed an interactive integration system that automatically transforms data between two large back office systems.

The system processes in excess of 45,000 policy related records each month with staff able to monitor the process, maintain the rules and handle exceptional cases.

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Red Devils Fit


Red Devils Fit

Successfully trialled with the Salford Red Devils rugby league club, this white-label mobile app allows sports clubs to build a community of fans that want to achieve fitness goals by competing with each other.

We took an existing "proof of concept" app and rebuilt it using our SeriouslyRAD® framework, adding new features while maintaining the existing user interface design. This evolved it from an Android only app to a cross-platform Android and iOS app running from a single codebase.

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University of Salford StoryCom

University of Salford


We were asked to create a mobile app for the CBBC Summer Social event that could be used by attendees to generate comic strips of their visit. A cloud-based administration system was also required to allow University of Salford staff to review, tag and run reports on the created comic strips.

Using the SeriouslyRAD® framework we delivered this within 3 weeks of the initial meeting and within the tight budget.

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Jomani Complete Business System


Complete business system

We were approached to design and build an end to end system which safeguards customer privacy.

We built the system with a security focused architecture, integrating data from multiple sources and using a mix of SeriouslyRAD® framework components and bespoke items.

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WalkinWiFi® Consultancy


Ongoing consultancy

We enjoy an ongoing relationship providing consultancy and development on an existing suite of systems.

Using an agile methodology we help realise the innovations and changes required by WalkinWiFi® to ensure continuous compatibility with fast moving technology and continuous uptime for their millions of users.

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