Fit Bears - Rangers Charity Foundation

After the success of Red Devils Fit, we were asked to create an updated version of the FanFit app for FanFit's new partner - Rangers Charity Foundation. We rebranded the SeriouslyRAD® framework version of the FanFit app, implementing new features and improvements to create the Android and iOS app - Fit Bears.

Released in November 2019, Fit Bears gained over 3,500 users within the first 48 hours of launch.


FanFit wanted to add new functionality to their existing app and rebrand it to create a version for the fans of Rangers Football Club through a new partnership with the Rangers Charity Foundation. Fans were engaged to obtain feedback on the apps which led to the decision to add the new "private leagues" feature, allowing fans to easily create and share their own fitness leagues.


After meeting with the FanFit team to capture their requirements, we designed new global, monthly and private league interfaces in conjunction with monthly push notifications to inform users of their progress and rank within each league. We also proposed some quality of life updates too.


We quickly developed the new league interfaces and push notification using core features of our SeriouslyRAD® framework. These new features were to be trialled initially with the Red Devils Fit app so care was taken to ensure backwards compatibility was maintained while users migrated to the latest version.

As we'd expected to be making versions of the app for several clubs, we had no trouble at all rebranding and customising the existing FanFit app to create the Fit Bears app for Rangers fans.


After thorough testing, the new features were trialled with the Red Devils Fit apps.

With positive feedback received, we setup the server-side components for Fit Bears using Google Firebase and Cloud Platform, providing the Android and iOS apps to FanFit for release to the app stores.


We monitored the Fit Bears app closely after the release and once the announcements were made by Rangers Charity Foundation and Rangers Football Club, the app gained over 4,200 users; 3,500 of which within the first 48 hours.

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