Jomani Complete business system


Complete business system


Jomani needed a complete end to end system to help them deliver a valuable service without asking users to compromise on their privacy. They wanted a user friendly booking system for customers, combined with robust and versatile administration systems for use by their staff.


In order to maximise the security of their operations, we proposed a system architecture which separates responsibilities and protects user data, while allowing for maximum flexibility and scalability.

We also presented process designs for key aspects of the business to ensure a seamless fit between the business and their systems, integrating multiple data sources within the business into seamless processes.

The proposed suite of systems used a mix of SeriouslyRAD® framework components and bespoke items, tailored to fit Jomani's requirements.


We delivered the systems within a minimal time-frame, our framework allowing us to create large pieces of their systems very quickly.

We started by making use of the framework features for user access management, scheduled job execution, report generation and business process management. To this we added custom integrations for laboratory data, bank transactions and customer communications.


Jomani asked us to assist with delivering the solution, so we set up their production environment and ensured that secure configurations and policies were in place from the start.

We then provided training directly to staff to ensure that everyone knew how to use the system to deliver Jomani's high standards of service to their clients.


Working in close partnership with Jomani, we support and maintain their live systems working closely with them to help ensure their business needs are met.

A set of reporting specific to their needs helps Jomani run its operations smoothly, identifying any problems as well as providing ongoing key business data.

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