Red Devils Fit

Successfully trialled with the Salford Red Devils rugby league club, this white-label mobile app allows sports clubs to build a community of fans that want to achieve fitness goals by competing with each other.

We took an existing "proof of concept" app and rebuilt it using our SeriouslyRAD® framework, adding new features while maintaining the existing user interface design. This evolved it from an Android only app to a cross-platform Android and iOS app running from a single codebase.


We were approached by FanFit to help them with a Google Fit integrated Android app they had already developed and successfully trialled with the Salford Red Devils rugby league club.

They wanted to take the app forward by releasing an iOS version integrated with Apple Health in conjunction with support for Garmin fitness trackers in both versions.

With a tight budget and the client's desire to use one of their interns on the project, we agreed a plan and got down to work.


Rather than develop a separate iOS app, we proposed rebuilding the existing app using our cross-platform SeriouslyRAD® framework, resulting in a single codebase for both Android and iOS apps. This approach improves maintainability of the apps while also reducing ongoing costs.

Using the functionality and user interface design from the existing app as the basis, FanFit's intern student produced a design specification for the new version.

Google Firebase was already in use for the server-side aspects of the existing app and we agreed to continue and extend this for the new cross-platform version, adding additional Google Cloud Platform services to support new functionality.


Using our SeriouslyRAD® framework, we completely rebuilt the new cross-platform app, following the functionality detailed in the design specification and the original user interface.

The Google Firebase backend got a complete overhaul, improving its security, robustness and performance to enable it to securely handle larger volumes of data, and consequently a larger user base.

During the rebuild we planned ahead for the white-label aspects of the app, which would allow us to quickly produce subsequent partner apps while preserving maintainability.


We conducted rigorous testing on both Android and iOS versions of the app and once ready, we setup and configured the server-side production environment and assisted with the deployment of the app to the app stores.


We continue to work closely with FanFit to monitor and help maintain the apps, adding small quality of life improvements and larger features as the requirements evolve.

Respect for our craft and our clients

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