Tenet interactive data integration

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Interactive data integration

Using our SeriouslyRAD® framework we developed an interactive integration system that automatically transforms data between two large back office systems.

The system processes in excess of 45,000 policy related records each month with staff able to monitor the process, maintain the rules and handle exceptional cases.


Tenet required a new data integration to take over from an existing integration when replacing a key back office system. They wanted a system that would perform the data transformation automatically while also allowing them to manage the rules and manually handle exceptional cases.


We designed a centralised integration system with a web-based administration interface for staff to use to monitor and maintain the integration process.

A dashboard was included to display live information about the integration process, highlighting any cases requiring input from staff. Sections were added to allow the staff to manage the data mappings used by the integration process and areas were added to allow staff to manually map cases that couldn't be handled automatically.

The system was designed to also send summary emails, detailing the state of the integration process and providing links to any cases requiring manual intervention.


Using the core components of our SeriouslyRAD® framework in conjunction with our integration plugin, we quickly developed the integration system and web-based administration interface. We added base mappings supplied by Tenet and performed rigorous testing using test data to ensure our high standards were met.


Throughout user acceptance testing, we worked closely with Tenet to help demonstrate the system fully met their acceptance criteria.

The system was then handed over to Tenet's infrastructure team for deployment into their production environment.


In addition to the monitoring provided by the system, we've been on-hand since release providing ongoing monitoring and support, quickly responding to any requested changes and queries.

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