WalkinWiFi Systems consultancy & development


Systems consultancy & development


We have a long-term, ongoing relationship with WalkinWiFi®, providing them with consultancy and development services to meet the needs of this fast-moving business.


We regularly discuss new projects with WalkinWiFi® and help them realise them; a truly dynamic relationship where we help turn the innovative ideas over at WalkinWiFi® into reality.


We deliver development work both large and small following an agile methodology, delivering bespoke system components for WalkinWiFi®. Integrating networking equipment and developing interactions with social networks are some examples of the software we have been responsible for developing.


Each item of development is tested against the equipment and systems used by WalkinWiFi® before being moved over into their live environment.


WalkinWiFi® host their own infrastructure delivering WiFi to thousands of people across the country every day; we're on hand to assist with consultation or hands on work whenever they ask.

WalkinWiFi® has systems which provide reporting data necessary for the operation of their business, and we often we assist with specific reporting requests.

Respect for our craft and our clients

It's taken us decades of experience to build our skills, so we don't treat people like idiots when they don't know everything